Basic Skills Dog and Puppy Training Program

Would you like to take the fundamental steps toward communicating commands better with your dog? Does your dog need basic training for good behavior skills? The Beginner Basics Dog Training Program is designed for puppies 10 months of age or older dogs that have not had the opportunity to learn basic obedience skills.

Your dog will develop a solid foundation of obedience skills and habits that will benefit your family for years to come. It's important that your dog is taught the important foundational skills that will result in a better relationship with you and enable her to develop additional skills down the road. Once your dog's initial training is complete we become your "Dog Coach", providing half‑a‑year of advice and support.

This program is available through Daily Drop Off or with Overnight Lodging.

Fundamental Skill Training Includes:

  • walking calmly on leash
  • sit
  • basic down & stay
  • discourage jumping
  • establishing better communication skills

Beginner Skills Dog and Puppy Training Program