Be careful when bringing your dog to a Summer BBQ

  • Remember that the food and drink offered to your guests may be poisonous to pets. Simply remember that the snacks enjoyed by your human friends and you should not be a treat for your pet.  Any change of diet, even for one meal, may give your dog severe digestive ailments, cause choking, or cause allergies to flare up.
  • Keep your pets on a leash and supervised.  No matter how friendly your pet may be it is better not to excite your pet by having them chase and run around guests at your party/barbecue.  It is particularly safer to not have your pet play chase with the children during a party.  Even, if they do this with their own family’s children.
  • Avoid allowing your pet to hang out around the barbecue area or pits; due to hot charcoal, coals, and fire. 
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