The Benefits of Cat Boarding

If you’re planning your vacation, cat boarding is a convenient alternative to traveling with your cat, leaving them home alone or even with a friend. Cats are not easy travelers and travel best when crated for safety and escape prevention. But once you reach your destination you could risk spending half your vacation searching the hotel for kitty the escape artist.

Leaving your cat home alone may prevent escape, if you remembered to close everything up, but it would be difficult to guarantee their health and safety. In his article How to Enrich Your Cat’s Life, veterinarian Dr. Brad Cahoon states that stimulation and enrichment may prevent your cat from expressing their frustration by scratching your furniture and belongings. With constant supervision you can be sure your cat isn’t making a mess, being mischievous or even falling ill. It’s even more beneficial to have your cat’s behavior and eating habits monitored to make sure they are happy and receive proper care.

Cat Condos feel safe and comfortable.
Safe Cat Condos


You won’t have to inconvenience family or friends if you choose cat boarding. It can take them quite a while to adjust to new surroundings so kitty may still try to escape or even hide in the care of others. Cats react to new environments by withdrawing into a solitary, protective state. They feel more secure sitting in small spaces so our Cat Condos provide a den-like safe haven for them.


You could focus more on relaxing and enjoying your vacation, knowing your cat is receiving personalized care from professional cat lodging. Here are some other reasons you should consider boarding your cat:

  • Motion Sickness
  • Home Renovations
  • Pest Spraying
  • Moving
  • Scheduled Medications
  • Allergic Guests
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