FDR’s 2013 Doggie Prom!

Check out our video and pictures from our first ever Doggie Prom! Our primped up pups had a blast celebrating Prom together in Doggie Day Care – they really let their ears down and danced the day away! Watch the … Continued

Quick Tips For Puppy Owners

Like many relationships, the bond between pet and their owner begins immediately. The first few weeks and months are crucial to forging a healthy, happy relationship. Whether you’ve raised a dog in the past or are starting from the beginning, … Continued

Does Your Dog Have Seasonal Allergies?

Like humans, dogs can develop different types of allergies throughout their lives! Some of the most common allergy symptoms in dogs can include of the following: Scratching his ears Watery or red eyes Ear infections Runny and sneezing nose Wheezing … Continued

Thank You For Your Donations

We’re pleased to announce that The Folsom Dog Resort & Training Center’s holiday donation drive benefiting The City of Folsom Animal Shelter was a huge success! We were able to collect much needed food, toys, bedding and monetary donations for … Continued