Celebrating National Train Your Dog Month

In celebration of ‘National Train Your Dog Month’, observed every January, many dog owners are jumping at the chance to start the New Year off right by getting their furry friends trained! Each year, hundreds of thousands of pets are turned into animal shelters because their owners couldn’t find a reliable resource to help them with their pets’ behavior problem. Whether you’re starting this year off with a brand new pup, or your thinking about getting your long time companion trained, the New Year is the perfect opportunity to get family dogs behaving right! Training can save your pups life, make life more enjoyable for the both of you, and help build a close bond with your dog!

Dogs are craving order and structure and need discipline. They need a balance of affection and leadership from their pet parent. They have similar needs as humans, but learn and communicate differently than us. The most common reason pet owners enroll in a dog training program is pulling on a leash, not coming when called and jumping on people.

Every pet parent needs a trusted ‘dog coach.” Leadership is the foundation needed to change unwanted behavior. The best time to train your dog is the moment you get the dog – but it is possible to teach an old dog new rules. For puppy parents, one of the most important things you can do is to socialize him/her.

The Folsom Dog Resort & Training Center offers many training options for you and your companion. We’re home to Jason Davis The Dog Guy ® who developed The Dog Guy system based on a “balanced approach”, which means we know how to utilize multiple methods, techniques, and approaches for training your dog. To commemorate ‘National Train Your Dog Month’, The Folsom Dog Resort & Training Center is offering special discounts on all our training camps!

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