Q: Can I bring food from home for my dog to eat?
A: We serve premium all natural food once or twice a day.  You’re welcome to bring your own food.  If you do so, we just ask that you bag and label each serving separately.

Q: Is there a discount if I have two dogs staying at the same time?
A: Yes, we offer a $3 discount per night for your second dog staying in the same room. In our effort to maximize the safety and health of all guests, we do not allow dogs from separate households (friends, neighbors, family members) to room together while staying with us.

Q: Is there an age limit on dogs that can stay with you?
A: For any dog over 10 years old that has not lodged with us before, we may require and complimentary “meet and greet” visit prior to your pet’s stay. Puppies must be at least 17 weeks old to stay with us,

Q: My dog is blind/deaf. Can it stay with you?
A: We have successfully cared for blind and deaf dogs in the past. A complimentary “meet and greet” visit may be required prior to your pet’s stay with us.

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Q: Can you train my dog while it is staying with you?
A: Yes, several options are available for us to train your dog during an overnight lodging visit.

Q: Does my dog have to be neutered?
A: No. However, in certain situations un-neutered dogs may be limited to individual play sessions.

Q: Do you have veterinarian available/on-site 24 hours?
A: If you dogs needs special care during normal business hours we will contact your veterinarian directly. We partner with local veterinarians for after hours care when necessary.

Q: Is there someone on-site 24 hours?
A: Our facility is also equipped with and indoor/outdoor video surveillance systems. We have staff on-site from 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM or later.

Q: What are your vaccination requirements for dogs?
A: For dogs we require: rabies,bortella, k-9 influeza 2 boosters, distemper.

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