Dog Boarding Near Granite Bay, CA

Granite Bay Residents John & Happy
Granite Bay resident John R. and his dog Happy

Do you drive from Granite Bay, CA to Folsom regularly? Next time you travel from the city of Granite Bay on Highway 50, bring your dog to stay with us at the Folsom Dog Resort & Training Center. We offer the area’s only, and Granite Bay’s closest, full-service pet care facility with expansive outdoor play yards that include 10,000 square feet of turf and a beach entry splash pool with fountains and misters.

  • We make your dog our first priority
  • Pets receive loving attention from our professional staff of pet-loving caregivers
  • Guests relax in climate-controlled facilities
  • We use advanced security monitoring systems and 24×7 video surveillance
  • We offer personalized programs for your dog’s needs

Click here to read what Granite Bay resident Alison H. has to say about our dog boarding services. You can rest easy knowing your dog is in good hands at the most award-winning pet care facility outside of Granite Bay. Our pet resort is just 1-mile off of Highway 50, and we offer clean, safe and comfortable overnight dog boarding accommodations in private rooms.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"I selected the Folsom Dog Resort because of the proximity to Granite Bay. I can get there in 10-15 minutes, and many times I can drop off my dog Happy and jump on Highway 50 to get to my destination.The Folsom Dog Resort is convenient for me, and it provides for a healthy and fun environment for my dog Happy when I need to be away." -John R., Granite Bay, CA

Looking to board your cat with someone you can trust? We offer premium cat boarding too. Cat Boarding at Folsom is not your typical kennel experience. We provide at least the same level of care that your cat receives at home. Click here to learn more about our Cat Boarding accommodations and amenities.

Dog Daycare

Do you drive to Folsom for work every day and leave your dog at home in Granite Bay? Instead, bring your dog to stay in our Doggie Daycare program for daily exercise, fresh air and playtime. Your dog is your kid, so next time you leave Granite Bay for work, give him/her time in Doggie Daycare with our pet-loving staff. Your dog deserves to live a healthy life with the utmost care and daily enrichment you can provide to him/her each day.

Granite Bay residents love our dog daycare, because we:

  • Provide a safe environment for dogs to build socialization skills and burn off extra energy
  • Offer over 12,000 square feet of outdoor play areas (the only pet care facility with this much space)
  • Have highly-monitored group play with other dogs and activities
  • Offer individual play (with trained staff members) for non-social dogs
  • Report on how your dog plays and interacts with staff, and much more!

What Our Clients Are Saying

"We have been taking Reilly to the Folsom Dog Resort since they first opened. Reilly is a very energetic Golden Retriever and needed to have some fun and stimulating outdoor play at least once a week. At the Folsom Dog Resort he gets that and so much more! We use both the daycare service and the boarding facility. Reilly goes in happily each time we take him. He has never shown any fear or unhappiness at being there. I have no reservations about making the drive from Granite Bay to Folsom because of the quality of care Reilly receives and the excellent condition of the facility." -Kathi R., Granite Bay, CA

New daycare guests enjoy the first day of doggie daycare free of charge! Come see why pet owners come from Granite Bay and surrounding areas to experience our outstanding Doggie Daycare program.

Dog Training

Do you want a well-trained dog you can introduce to your friends and family? Folsom Dog Resort & Training Center offers standalone dog training services and board and training camp programs convenient for pet owners in the Granite Bay area. Our team of certified dog trainers led by Jason Davis, “The Dog Guy®” can design a perfectly tailored dog training program for you. Learn about our dog training classes here.

Our past clients are impressed at the positive change our dog trainers created in their dog’s behavior in a short period of time… resulting in a 98% satisfaction rate in formal dog training customer surveys.

What Our Clients From Granite Bay Are Saying

"We really have valued the knowledge that we’ve gained from training our first dog at The Folsom Dog Resort, and have been able to pass those skills onto our current dog. It’s well worth the short drive from Granite Bay to know our dogs have been in good hands."  -Alison H., Granite Bay, CA

Click here to read Alison's extended dog training review.

Dog Grooming

While your dog stays at the Folsom Dog Resort, he or she can enjoy a nice bath or a premium bathing and grooming service to keep his or her coat smelling fresh and looking fabulous. We offer dog grooming services and packages to meet any need. Customize a dog bathing or grooming session with ala carte services or pick from discounted premium dog grooming packages. Services include bathing, facial cleanse, paw treatments, brushing, nail trimming and more. Call us today (916) 365-9631 to learn more or to schedule grooming services for your dog!