Granite Bay Clients Alison and Dog Bailey
Alison H. with dog Bailey and family

We asked long-time dog boarding and training customer Alison H., from Granite Bay, CA, to share her review of our pet resort services. This is what she had to say:

"My Mom’s friend in Lincoln highly recommended The Folsom Dog Resort to us. Her friend has extremely high standards for the care of her dog, so we felt it was at least worth a visit. We were totally impressed after taking a tour 5 years ago, and have been loyal customers ever since. We have had 2 dogs with completely different personalities thrive at the dog resort. It’s well worth the short drive from Granite Bay to know our dogs have been in good hands."

We have always highly recommended The Folsom Dog Resort to family and friends for several reasons. I would say the main reason is the amazing customer service! The staff has always taken such time and effort getting to know us, and our dogs. It definitely makes it easier to leave your furry family member with people you know and trust."

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Our dog Bailey seems to love the dog resort because he gets so much love and attention there. He certainly doesn’t contain his excitement when he arrives! He has his fans on staff, and absolutely loves playing with all the dogs during the play sessions. He comes home tired and happy every visit!"

We absolutely love the new state of the art facility! The dogs have such an incredible space to play, and the indoor area is wonderful on cold and rainy days. I think having piece of mind, knowing you can trust that your dog is safe, happy, and well taken care of when you’re away is our favorite part of The Folsom Dog Resort. We couldn’t imagine leaving our dogs anywhere else!"

dog-baileyWe also have been thrilled with the results of having our dogs trained by your team. It’s just amazing how the simplest tweaks, can completely change your dog’s behavior for the better. We really have valued the knowledge that we’ve gained from training our first dog at The Folsom Dog Resort, and have been able to pass those skills onto our current dog. Even though it can seem like quite an investment initially, it really pays off for the rest of your years of dog ownership."



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