There are good dog trainers and there are great dog trainers. The great dog trainers are the ones who can build a companion relationship with the dog. We specialize in many approaches to dog training but it is the bond we build with your dog that is the most valuable.

Building a bond between you and your dog.It is all about relationship. To get a dog interested in learning he must first enjoy interacting with you. This practice goes beyond verbal praise and treats. The dog will want to learn because he likes you. You are a pack mate. You are a leader. This bond makes the dog training the reward instead of a way to avoid correction. Great dog training makes learning fun and the relationship and interaction between handler and dog the reward.

Great dog trainers know that dogs are fundamentally relationship driven. The relationship is the base for the dog’s natural motivation to learn. When a strong relationship is built, learning becomes a conversation between the dog trainer and the dog. The dog is motivated to learn and respond, not because he fears the correction or craves a scratch or a treat, but because he avoids what the correction signifies and craves what the reward represents.

We start building a relationship with your dog by first learning about your dog. We gather information from you, the dog owner, and from working with and observing your dog during work, play and rest. We implement the best dog training approaches for your dog’s personality, age, and size. With this knowledge we can build trust and companionship with your dog.

Whether your dog requires basic obedience training or modification in behavior, creating a great relationship with your dog is our passion!