Holiday Travel with Your Pooch

If you’re planning to bring your furry friend with you during holiday travels this year, The Dog Guy has a few things for you to think about. First, be sure that your destination is dog-friendly. Grandma may have different rules at her house, like no dogs in the living room. Her place may be full of knick-knacks that can easily be knocked over. The best way to address this is to be sure that there’s a safe place to leave your dog when you can’t supervise it. A backyard or dog run is ideal, but a create is always a good option too. It’s also important to know what other guests will be coming or who might stop by. Not everyone may not be as crazy about or comfortable with dogs as you are.
Getting to your destination can sometimes be a challenge, but there are ways to make it easier. Safety is the number one priority when road trippin’ it with Doggie. Gate-like barriers are great for SUVs, harnesses can be convenient for sedans and crates can fit all kinds of cars. The point is that your dog is restrained. If you have to stop suddenly, you don’t want him flying across the car or getting hurt. For anxious travelers, many boutique dog stores, like Sbarkles here in Folsom, carry herbal calming treats. This will help Doggie mellow out before you set off on your adventure. Other accessories like no-spill travel bowls and indestructible toys (we like Kongs) can help make traveling easier for your pooch. Safe travels!

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