How do I stop my dog from digging?

Digging is a natural activity for dogs. They do it to play, to keep busy when they are bored, and often to get cool or warm by curling up in the freshly dug bed. However, digging generally does not fit well within our lifestyles. I have seen thousands of dollars worth of damage at many of my client’s homes where their dog has destroyed the landscaping. Your dog can only be taught not to dig in your yard when you are there to teach and reinforce the rule. This is very difficult since most dog owners are gone the majority of the day.

I highly recommend that you build a dog run, or an enclosed area of the yard that can be built out of wood, decorative fencing or ready-made. This will at least isolate the digging. The enclosure should have water, toys, a dog house, and shade. Ideally, the ground surface should be either synthetic turf or pea gravel.

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