How To Control Your Dog’s Shedding!

It’s something we all have to deal with throughout the year…finding your pooches hair all over the house! It might make us want to pull our own hair out from time to time, but not to fear…. there are plenty of easy ways to get that shedding under control.

Dogs naturally shed their extra, damaged or dead hair. Dogs tend to shed heavily, and sometimes excessively, in the summer due to the need to eliminate the extra hair grown to thicken their coat for the winter season. Routine grooming is essential to keeping your dogs shedding under control, keeping up with your dogs grooming needs will greatly reduce the amount of hair in your home, car or on your clothes!

Keeping your dogs coats in good condition with routine grooming and brushing is the best way to avoid shedding nuisances. Not only is grooming a great way to get rid of that extra hair, but it also keeps their coat softer and less likely to shed! The Folsom Dog Resort offers a great de-shed treatment that includes a bath with special de-shed shampoo, de-shed conditioner, a facial cleanse and an extended brushing!

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