It’s Not Just Back-to-School For the Kids!

Fall brings on plenty of changes – not only for us, but for our dogs as well! The kids start going back to school, and suddenly our hectic schedules seem to move faster than ever and we’re spending more time away from home. The abrupt changes in our day to day lives from summer to fall can cause some restlessness for our canine companions, and in some cases lead to behavioral issues. Not to worry…there are plenty of ways to help kick your pooches back-to-school blues!

One of the best ways to make sure your dog doesn’t pick up any bad habits this season is to keep them busy! Boredom can lead to disruptive behavior and since we know canines crave routine, the more activity they receive, the happier they’ll be! Make sure to have a plan in place for your pooch before the school year starts to ensure your dog stays happy and healthy both mentally and physically this season. Planning ahead of time will give you and your pooch plenty of time to slowly adjust to the changes taking place and ease the shock of any disruptions in their daily routine. Arrange daily activities or exercise and keep plenty of stimulating toys around to occupy their time!

Another wonderful way to keep your dog happy this fall is to take them back-to-school too! It’s not just back-to-school season for the kids anymore – our canine friends can enjoy the excitement of starting school with training! Not only is it a great way to keep them busy during this hectic time of year, it also teaches them plenty of tips and tricks for great behavior year round! Our training programs at The Folsom Dog Resort range from basic obedience, like sit, stay, come, lie down, and heel, to more challenging behavior problems. Our programs are designed and personalized for any breed of dog at any age…all grades are welcome for back-to-school training!

With these simple tips your dog will be jumping with joy and earning an A+ this fall! An actively engaged dog is a happy dog…and the more you include your dog in your back-to-school schedule the easier the transition will be for the both of you!

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