National Dog Week Q&A With Jason Davis, The Dog Guy®

What is National Dog Week? When and why is it celebrated?

National Dog Week was founded by in 1928 by Captain Will Judy, former publisher of Dog World Magazine. It is recognized as a week to celebrate our canine companions for all the joy they bring to our lives, as well as show them how much we care! Some fun ways to celebrate with your pooch are:

  • Take them to the vet: make sure that your dog is up to date on all vaccinations and as healthy as can be!
  • Play with your dog! Take some time away from your busy life to show your pooch how much you appreciate him, a few minutes of play time will make him extremely happy and show him you truly care!
  • Take a long walk! We have great trails in Folsom; why not take Fido on a long walk to celebrate National Dog Week? Your pooch will be happier and healthier with regular activity!
  • Take a photo! Snap a picture of your dog and family to commemorate the occasion!
  • Remember to spay and neuter your pet!
  • Donate time, food, toys and bedding to your local shelter!
  • Pamper him with a special spa-day grooming package at The Folsom Dog Resort.
  • Bring him for a fun-filled day of Doggie Day Care play at The Folsom Dog Resort.

How can Folsom and El Dorado Hills residents help honor dogs and protect dogs in need?

The best ways to honor and protect local dogs in need is by helping your local animal shelter. If it’s possible, try to adopt a shelter pet. If you can’t give a pet their forever home, try fostering a pet until they are adopted out. If you can’t foster a shelter pet, another great way to help out is to donate your time to your local shelter by volunteering or donating food, bedding and toys.

Where can people looking to adopt a dog or puppy? What’s available in the area?

When you are looking to adopt a dog or puppy, a great place to start is your local animal shelter! The City of Folsom maintains an animal shelter inside of Blue Ravine Animal Hospital here if Folsom. These furry friends are looking for forever homes and would love to be adopted out! To view adoptable pets, or find more information about The City of Folsom Animal Shelter please visit

Does Folsom Dog Resort help with dog/puppy adoptions? If so, how?
We are currently fostering an adoptable dog from The City of Folsom Animal Shelter named Tarzan in celebration of National Dog Week. We will be offering free training for Tarzan if he gets adopted out! We’re always looking for ways to help out in the community and make sure local dogs have loving home!

How is Folsom a very dog friendly community? What’s available for dog owners?

Folsom is an amazingly dog friendly community. Not only do we have plenty of trails for you and your dog to enjoy on a daily basis, we also have Sutter Street which offers many dog friendly restaurants! Folsom is a great place to show your dog how much you love him; you can visit Folsom Lake for the day with your pooch to go boating or just enjoy the scenery from the beach! Also, the abundance of trails makes it the perfect town to keep your pooch healthy and happy with daily walks or runs! The Folsom Dog Resort & Training Center also offers a one-stop-shop for all your dog’s needs: Day Care, Grooming, Training or Overnight Lodging!

For more information on how you can spoil your dog at The Folsom Dog Resort & Training Center, give us a call today at (916) 365-9631!

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