Puppy Training Mistakes New Owners Make

Learning to raise a healthy and happy dog is synonymous with learning to be a responsible and caring dog owner. In this journey, you will continually learn all the wonderful things you can do for your furry friend. But what about the things you shouldn’t do? Are there some things you may be doing wrong that can hurt your dog’s chance for successful training and socializing? If you’re ever unsure, don’t be afraid to ask a trained professional.


My puppy makes a mess while I’m gone from home, should I use a crate?

Let me preface by saying: crate training is quite beneficial! When done well. Crates can provide a den-like safe haven for your puppy and protect against property damage. But some people will keep their puppy confined for hours at a time while they are out, busy, sleeping, etc. Once the puppy is out, he naturally goes crazy with excitement; and the owner responds by putting him back in the crate!

Quick Tip: If you don’t have the time to devote to your puppy, you should invest in dog day care and professional puppy training. Call us today at (916) 365-9631 for services that will help you. Your puppy will thank you for it.


I allow my puppy on the couch, but how do I keep them from jumping on it when I have guests?

You should only allow your dog on the couch when he/she is specifically invited to do so like any other guest. It should be a privilege for your dog and not a right.

Quick Tip: Take the privilege of getting on the couch away for a while and give it back slowly, periodically and always on your terms.


My puppy keeps having “accidents” in the house, should I rub their nose in the waste?

It doesn’t work, period. You wouldn’t rub a 2 year old toddler’s nose in their own waste because it’s never been proven to be an effective potty training method. Same thing with puppies. Click the link to read our blog post on potty training.

Quick Tip: Instead, break your puppy’s attention as it is happening, grab’em quickly and proceed to the proper potty area. Reward your puppy for eliminating in the right place and he will be more than happy to perform this positive behavior for you. For help with breaking your puppy’s unwanted behaviors and for more examples of positive rewards, enroll in puppy training.


I get a little frustrated sometimes, can hitting or yelling at my puppy, on occasion, really be that bad?

Now that you’ve successfully scared your puppy, chances are that whatever the negative behavior was, they’ll just do it again when you’re not around.

Quick Tip: The method of positive punishment becomes positive reinforcement and can prove beneficial when carried out immediately. But most people aren’t properly trained on how to use it effectively so it may best to consult a top notch dog trainer. Call us today at (916) 365-9631 to learn positive reinforcement techniques from the experts in our puppy training classes.



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