Quick Tips For Puppy Owners

Like many relationships, the bond between pet and their owner begins immediately. The first few weeks and months are crucial to forging a healthy, happy relationship. Whether you’ve raised a dog in the past or are starting from the beginning, there are many important steps to take when welcoming your puppy into the family!

The first step to consider when thinking about getting a puppy is to prepare, prepare…prepare! The earlier you prepare for your pups arrival the easier the transition will be for the both of you! One of the keys to raising a puppy is making sure the dog has its own safe, dedicated space inside and outside your home. Indoors, we recommend an exercise pen or crate (in an area you can keep an eye on) to limit free range of the home, manage their behavior and create a safe sleeping environment. When outdoors, the pup should be kept in a dedicated exercise area, often called a dog run or dog kennel. They confine the pup so it cannot dig holes in your garden, chew up your irrigation system or relieve itself on your deck.

The most important step to owning a puppy is to make puppy training a priority! Knowing how to build a healthy long term relationship begins with establishing rules and managing your dog’s behavior from the first day you bring her home. Behavioral training prevents and/or corrects bad habits. Obedience training is about getting your puppy to learn certain skills such as sit, stay and come. It is a way to show that you are the leader. Behavioral training prevents and/or corrects bad habits. It is especially important for a pup because it is much easier to prevent a young dog from developing bad habits than it will be to break them of the unwanted behavior once it has begun.

The Folsom Dog Resort & Training Center offers many services to benefit puppies, including puppy training to help you create the right environment at your home to be a successful puppy owner and fun Doggie Day Care to help with socialization with dogs and people!

For more information on our Training, Grooming, Doggie Day Care and Overnight Lodging services call us today at (916) 365-9631!

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