Teaching Your Pooch to Run With You This Summer!

Teaching Your Pooch to Run With You This Summer!

Summer is the perfect time to get you and your pooch in a training and running routine! The weather is bright and beautiful, and Fido is more than eager to get outdoors and learn! Now that the sun is shining longer than ever, you and your pooch can spend much more time learning new positive behaviors for running together this season.

Your first step to getting Fido running side by side with you is to get him in shape! Make sure not to start off too fast – he might not be used to that! Does your furry friend go to Doggie Day Care often or lots of walks with you? If your pooch is regularly active, an extensive jog on the trails should be a breeze for him! Start off slow – watch your dogs pace and temperament throughout the run, if he seems sluggish or out of breath make sure to slow down and provide lots of rest and water!

Once Fido is used to an easy-paced routine jog, check your gear! The right leash and collar can make all the difference depending on what kind of exercise and training you’re looking for. When using a leash, a gentle tug will allow you to guide his attention and body where you want it. Keep him within a few feet ahead of you and on one side, reinforce good behavior and be the pack leader to keep him interested and well-behaved on the jog.

You and your canine will both benefit greatly from learning to run side by side this summer! Teaching Fido to jog with you is a great training opportunity, he will learn to obey your commands and view you as his pack leader. You will be able to use this training routine as a step to teaching your pooch further in the future. At the Folsom Dog Resort, we can help show you how to become a pack leader and take dog training into your own hands!

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