Tips for Boating With Your Dog This Summer

Who doesn’t love going out to Folsom Lake for a relaxing boat ride on a hot summer day with their dog? Many of our Folsom residents love taking advantage of this beautiful lake with their pooches throughout the summer but don’t realize that there are some easy precautions you should take to ensure a safe boat trip with your canine friend!

One of the first things that come to mind while spending a day out on the lake is the heat; how do we know when the sun is getting too much for our dogs? Knowing the signs of heatstroke for your pooch is the best way to tell when they’ve had too much sun for the day! Keep an eye out for excessive drooling, lethargy and heavy panting….if you start noticing these signs while boating wet your dog with cool water and head for the shore to call your veterinarian.

The next precaution you can take with your pooch is purchasing them a life jacket! Just like you and me, a dog can benefit greatly from wearing a life jacket while joining you on the lake for a day of fun. These specialized life jackets allow your dog to play in the water safely, along with allowing an easy way to retrieve your dog from the lake if needed. Most canine life jackets have an easy to access handle on the back which allows you to simply reach down and grasp Fido when it’s time to get back in the boat! Owning a life jacket for your dog also gives you peace of mind in case your pooch is easily distracted while out on the boat….has your dog ever seen a log, buoy or bird and actually tried to jump out to get it? This life jacket can ensure water safety…regardless of their attention span.

Finally, always remember that practice makes perfect. Getting your dog used to everything that goes along with your boat trip will guarantee future trips to the lake are a blast for the both of you! If it’s their first time, get them used to hearing the sound of the boat engine before actually going out on the water. Even getting them in and out of the boat with commands in your driveway will help them become familiar with your summer boating routine!

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