scan0001The Folsom Dog Resort & Training Center is proud to support the United States War Dogs Association (USWDA) and some of our Nation’s most valuable and beloved Military members through a donation drive called Operation: War Dogs. The USWDA is an organization of former and current military dog handlers and others committed to honoring our Nation’s Military War Dog/Handler teams, active and retired. The USWDA provides financial aid and support in transporting home and medically treating retired military K-9 personnel; it raises funds to send care packages to active War Dog/Handler teams; and it’s committed to educating the public about the invaluable service of these canines to our country.

During Operation: War Dogs, donors can stop by The Folsom Dog Resort & Training Center to make a contribution, mail a check to the facility made out to the U.S. War Dogs Association, or by donating online. We are giving away a free night of lodging to every donor who contributes $100. Donations of $20 will receive a commemorative dog tag necklace or USWDA bandana.

ASHA1-1500Ron Aiello, President of the USWDA, served in Vietnam with his K-9 partner, Stormy. “We didn’t receive support back then. It would have meant so much. So when Military Working Dogs and their Handlers were deployed to the Middle East, I made it my mission to do whatever I could to support the teams, both active and retired. Our support gives them a better chance of survival and returning home safely.” said Aiello.

Today, all branches of our armed forces are utilizing Military Patrol Dogs specializing in drug and bomb/explosive detection. Currently, there are approximately 400–500 of these canines in the Middle East patrolling bases, military compounds, ammunition depots, and military check points. They are guarding and protecting our military personnel with courage, loyalty, and honor.

The Folsom Dog Resort & Training Center thanks you for honoring all our Nation’s heroes.

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