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Our Rates

The Folsom Dog Resort is the most award-winning and veterinarian-recommended dog boarding and dog training facility in the Folsom area.

Dog Boarding

Luxury Suite $45.95 per night
Classic Suite $37.95 per night
Playtime Packages (required with boarding reservation)
5-Star Package
All Day Play or 4 personalized playtimes, specialty treat, daily phot update, extra potty walk, extra belly rub, tuck-in time and extended check-out until 5pm.
$44.95 per day
4-Star Package
All Day Play or 3 personalized playtimes, Specialty treat, Tuck-in time, Extended check-out until 5pm.
$34.95 per day
3-Star Package
½ Day Play or 2 personalized playtimes, Specialty treat, Tuck-in time, Standard check-out time: 12pm
$24.95 per day
Playtime Packages
Non-social Boarding Fee $6 per day
Multi-pet Discount 15% off

Cat Boarding

Cat Condo $27 per night
Playtime Packages
5-Star Package
2 inidividual playtimes, specialty treat, daily photo update, extended check-out at 5pm.
$19.95 / day
4-Star Package
1 inidividual playtime, specialty treat, standard check-out at 12pm.
$9.95 / day
Additional Rates
Multi-pet discount - applies to additional pets sharing the same room! 15% off

Dog Daycare

All Day Play (1 visit)* $34.95 per day
10 visits** $310 / $31 per day
20 visits** $540 / $27 per day
Unlimited (valid for 30 days) $575 / $19 per day

Day Boarding

DayBoarding (1 visit)* $39.95 per day
10 visits** $350 / $35 per day
20 visits** $620 / $31 per day
Unlimited (valid for 30 days) $675 / $23 per day
Multi-pet discount - applies to families with 2+ dogs visiting on same day! 15% off

We hope you agree, in addition to price, there are other important considerations when choosing a safe and happy place for your pet, including:


We have a reliable staff to ensure all of our guests are well cared for. Let’s face it, from time to time, an individual you entrust to take care of your pet may get sick, have a family situation arise, have transportation issues due to serious weather… Because we are a full-time pet care business, we make special accommodations to ensure we always have trained staff to care for our guests.


You'll have peace of mind knowing that your pet is well cared for in an impeccably clean, caring and secure home-away-from-home. Unlike a home environment, our facility was built with pets in mind. We continuously invest in the proper training, equipment and protocols to keep our facility super clean and your pet safe while in our care. This includes secure fencing, fire prevention, proper ventilation, training to understand and reading pet’s body language, basic pet first aid, vaccine requirements.


Your pet will enjoy the ultimate in comfort and pampering. (Soft bedding, soothing music)


Our staff has been trained in the most updated and important pet care training.


Wellness checks are performed throughout the day and pets are monitored by our full team of trained, pet care professionals. (This is in stark contrast to pet checkers that come in just 2 or 3X a day for minutes per visit.)


Rather than including a one-size fits all approach to activities, we realize each pet parent knows their pet best, so you can choose the right amount and type of activity for your pet. Our facility also gives dogs the opportunity to socialize and play with other dogs—SAFELY! Call us today to customize your pet’s activity options and learn about our discounted activity packages.


We are committed and follow all the local and state requirements. Outside agencies are designed to regulate good, quality care. These standards are designed to give you extra peace of mind that your pet is being cared for by professionals in a secure environment. This is not our hobby but our career and passion. We are committed to sustaining a viable community business to provide high quality pet care.


As the leading pet care provider in our area, The Folsom Dog Resort & Training Center often has limited availability, especially during busy travel and holiday seasons. We encourage you to speak with one of our reservation specialists as soon as possible.