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Day in the Life

Here is an example of what a day of boarding looks like for one of our frequent guests, Watson.

You can customize your dog’s day based on their breed, size, temperament, and favorite activities just like Watson’s pet parents have!

As Watson jumps out of the car, he excitedly pulls on his leash to get through the doors and inside the Folsom Pet Resort. He knows this place well since Mom travels frequently for work, and his tail wags furiously in anticipation of another canine vacation. As the pet care specialist takes the leash from his mom’s hand, he rushes off toward the sound of friends and fun without so much as a tail wag goodbye.

He takes a few minutes to get acquainted in his cozy room. Above him is a skylight that pours in sunshine, and next to him is a giant bowl filled with fresh water. His soft bed mat is particularly cozy, and the soothing music almost lulls him into a nap - but there is playtime to be had. One of his favorite staff members, Katie, comes over and asks him if he’s ready to go play with his buddies, and Watson happily wags and wiggles in the dog language of, “YES!”

He’s led outside to one of the turf play yards and sees a field of new friends that are about his size and temperament. Golden Retrievers, Labs, Huskies, German Shepherds, adorable mutts, and more - all of them already romping and playing and panting. He dives into the beach-style doggie water park first. He knows it well, which is why he leaps past the shallow portion and into the cool water that comes up to his belly. He frolics for a bit, plays a game of tug-of-war with a Bernese Mountain dog, then opts for a drink of water and a bit of a lie-down in the warm sunshine. After a few minutes of rest, he rejoins his new furry friends for another round of play.

As playtime winds down, Watson is led back to his room for dinner. He happily plops on his bed mat after gulping down some water, but is quickly brought back to his feet when Katie walks over and pours him a delicious bowl of tasty kibble. With his stomach full and body tired from a day of romping and wrestling and playing, he curls up contentedly on his mat.

After the sun has set, Katie comes back by with a book and a gourmet treat in her hand. Watson wiggles in anticipation as she curls up next to him on the floor, begins reading him his bedtime story, and offers him a treat. He happily munches on his yummy snack while Katie’s voice and slow belly rubs lull him to sleep.

Once she leaves, the lights dim and the soothing music reminds him it’s bedtime. Watson curls up happily on his bed, tummy full, bladder empty, body tired, puppy heart happy, and ready to start all over again in the morning.